Our Ambassadors

From organizing fundraising events to speaking with local organizations and people in the community, our ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who raise support and awareness for the Foundation in their hometowns and around the country. Click on the links below to learn more about how you can get involved, become an ambassador, and help us further the mission of the EOD Warrior Foundation.

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Social Media Ambassadors
Dakota Curfman (Arizona)
Roni Coppock (Florida)
Beth Little (Alabama)
Matthew Coon (New York)
Robert "Buck" Rogers (Tennessee)
Event Ambassadors
Brett Reissener (South Carolina)
Jerry Shelton (South Carolina)
Luanne Maguire (Kentucky)
Steve Bronson (Oregon)
Mission Ambassador
Junior Lorah (Hawaii)
Leon Tackitt (California)
Tom Gonzalez (Colorado)
John Lawrence (Maryland)
Ted Lucas (Texas)
Tim Hanley (New Hampshire)

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