Gold Star Form

In an effort to further honor those memorialized on the EOD Memorial wall, we are including personalized tribute pages for each fallen hero. We are actively working with each Military branch to get as much of this information from them as possible.  If your EOD Hero was killed before September 11, 2001, we are asking for families to submit information to complete their profile. This information must be submitted by an immediate family member.

Below is a form to complete the personalized biography. Each field has a description detailing the information we would like you to include for the online tribute. After you fill out the fields below, your hero’s profile will be formatted for our Virtual EOD Memorial Wall. 

We ask that you also submit an individual military photograph of your hero, preferably in a high-resolution JPEG format.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us honor our fallen EOD warriors.  We remember!

This information will not be published

This information will not be published

This information will not be published

Warrior Biography

Allowed file types

Please include name, rank, birth year and state, date of military entrance, and date of school graduation

List all unit assignments and deployments with locations and dates

Please include date, location and circumstance

List all awards, ribbons, decorations, or medals received or awarded posthumously

Include a personal note about your loved one, his personality, hobbies, life, etc.

List immediate family member survivors, including name and relationship

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