2018 EOD Auction

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Emerald Coast Convention Center


Dear EOD Brothers and Sisters:


The 2018 EOD Memorial Weekend is quickly approaching and it is again time to issue the “Call to Arms” requesting donation of items for the EOD Auction. The EOD Memorial Weekend is our largest gathering of EOD family and friends and the largest fundraiser organized by the EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF). On May 4, 2018 we will again gather to celebrate and support our united community.


This call to action goes out to all members of the EOD Family; active duty, retired, prior service, their family members and friends. Alone, the EODWF cannot fulfill its mission of Disarming Challenges for the EOD Family, but together we can provide our wounded, and fallen, and their families with the support they deserve, and ensure we always remember those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Please consider donating an item to be auctioned off that evening.


EOD Shops, Teams, Units, Platoons, businesses and individuals have donated a variety of items over the years that have been incredibly successful.  Some ideas include:

Ø Unit’s EOD Challenge Coin

Ø Unique display case to assemble a coin collection

Ø EOD paraphernalia

Ø EOD furniture, poker chips, poker table, trailer hitch covers, cups, mugs, etc.

Ø Blasting Machines (old, new, unique, replicas)

Ø EOD Badges/Patches: U.S. and Foreign

Ø EOD Books, Publications, Pamphlets, (old, new, unique- be conscious of classification)

Ø Explosive-related reading material- Signed by author if possible

Ø EOD Gear: tools, knives, multipliers, crimpers, GPS, Oakley, Camel Backs, etc.

Ø Laser-etch EOD Crab or service emblem into demo box

Ø Handcrafted EOD-related items: Quilts, Stained Glass, Wood IED clocks, Art Work


If you unable to donate, you can still answer the call by contacting businesses for donations that can be used at the auction. Please send donated items to the address below.


Thank you for your consideration to support the EOD Warrior Foundation. Together, as a team, we can continue to carry out the mission of the EOD Warrior Foundation, and Disarm Challenges for our EOD Family.


Four Services, One Crab.  We Remember!


Very Respectfully,


Melissa Tackitt (EODC Ret)                                                         Ship items to:

EOD Memorial Care and Event Coordinator                                     EODWF

EOD Warrior Foundation                                                               701 Johns Sims Pkwy E., Ste 305

(850) 729-2336                                                                           Niceville, FL 32578



More details to come as the date approaches.


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