Warriors 2 Workforce Program Recruitment

Recruitment for the next Warriors to Workforce (W2W) Program cohort at the VA Acquisition Academy (VAAA) Acquisition Internship School (AIS) is underway.  They are looking for qualified candidates for consideration.  The next cohort will start in February 2017 and will be trained as Contract Specialists, and will receive the training for the Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) Levels I and II. 


  • Now through September 30, 2016:   Accepting candidates for consideration
  • June through October 2016: Interviews and selections
  • November 2016 through January 2017: HR notification of selectees, processing of background security checks, final offers made
  • February 2017: Cohort convenes in Frederick, Maryland

They will use this timeline annually although they welcome potential candidates to contact us throughout the year by email at VAAAW2W@va.gov or by phone at 240-215-0608.

Hiring Criteria:  They utilize the Veterans Recruitment Authority (VRA) to directly hire selected individuals, therefore, candidates must meet that criteria. Additionally, the candidate should meet the following criteria:

  • OEF/OIF Veteran
  • Veterans with a service-connected disability rating.
  • High school diploma (or equivalent) with little to no post-secondary education (I.e. does not yet have a bachelor’s degree)
  • Flexibility to move for training in Frederick MD for the first year, and for final placement at a VA contracting organization within the U.S.
  • Separated with an Honorable Discharge and less than 20 years of active military service (may be on terminal leave at the start of program)
  • Willing to sign a Continued Service Agreement (CSA) to work for the VA for 3 years after completing the training

Additionally, an ideal candidate would also possess the following:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong leadership, organization, attention to detail and problem solving skills
  • An understanding of teamwork and integrity
  • Is mission focused
  • Possess Veteran empathy 
  • Is prepared and committed to move into a career field with promotion potential


How qualified candidates will request consideration: Any interested Veterans should send their resume attached to an email expressing their interest in being considered for the W2W Program to VAAAW2W@va.gov. As soon as they receive the email and resume, they will work directly with each individual to collect all required documents, and will begin reviewing candidates and begin the interview process. Anticipated close date for the recruitment process is September 30, 2016. 

Documentation needed

  • Resume (Federal format)
  • DD214 (member 4 copy)
  • VA Disability Award Employment letter
  • Completed form SF-15
  • College transcripts if applicable (unofficial copies are acceptable at this point - official copies will be required if accepted into the program)


W2W is seeking candidates who are ready for the next step in their lives and are ready to dig in and prepare for a career in the VA as a Contract Specialist. 



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