Missing Peace

On our last buying trip to Bali, we met a lovely French couple who had just opened their new sterling silver jewelry studio. I was inspired by their small studio and their creativity. It was similar to the Agabhumi concept which is to "Stand Tall and Stay Small". By keeping things in a tight, boutique, format, we can be more fluid and creative. After meeting with Ludo and Stephanie, we continued on our way and ended another very long day of buying for our brand in Bali. That night, I awoke in the middle of the night and started sketching jewelry designs that Ludo and Steph could bring to fruition for us.

I thought about the banner I had made for my school in 8th grade, the theme of which was, "The World is a Puzzle with the Peace Missing". The Vietnam War had profoundly changed my sense of security, as I watched my parents' reaction to my brother's draft number and saw the pain on the faces of my friend's family as they accepted the news of losing their son/brother. That banner reflected my emotions better than I could express them with words. And so, as I sat awake, in the middle of the night, safely tucked away in my beautiful villa, I was inspired to remind people that no matter where we are, there is pain and suffering, and very brave people working very hard to protect us from direct contact with the strife in the world. I began sketching and presented the idea to Ludo and Steph the next day. We all teared up and agreed that the pendant was a must! To have a piece of jewelry that could start a dialog and possibly connect with an organization that supports wounded warriors and families of fallen warriors so that the message could make a difference, was exciting for all of us.

That's the story of how the pendant came to be. Add to that, how grateful I am to Ted Lucas' sister, Cindy, for putting me in touch with the EOD Warrior Foundation. Pairing our small designer's studio, with our small business concept, and your small organization that does a Yeoman's job of caring for extraordinarily brave warriors, and we have a perfect fit.

Cheers and gratitude,
Regina Kirshbaum

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