Engineers Ordnance and Explosive Safety Specialist VRA positions


Requirements in The following is a short version of the positions that is trying to be filled through VRA:

Job Series: US Army Corp of Engineers, GS-0018 which is a GS-11 starting position, salary range is $62,065 > $80,685 depending on step level and includes a %22 locality scale. This is a temporary term (2 yr) appointment with a possible extension to 4 yrs.  Duty location is Sacramento CA.

Brief duty description: The position serves as the District's ordnance removal specialist involved in the
identification, removal and clean-up of ordnance from Formerly Used Defense Sites
(FUDS). The primary objective of this position is to ensure that the ordnance and
explosive wastes (OEW) program is planned and accomplished efficiently, while
minimizing or eliminating individual injury or hazard. Projects within this program have
recently been transferred from Huntsville Division, the Corps' mandatory center of
expertise (MCX). Thus, a technical relationship remains with the MCX.

Develops safety and technical operations SOPs, techniques and guidelines to investigate
and mitigate sites of known or suspected contamination.

As the ordnance removal specialist, has overall responsibility for planning, developing and
operating projects involving military unexploded ordnance.

Conducts daily on-site reviews and evaluations. Prepares daily reports of a wide range of
activities to include: numbers of OEW items identified; quality assurance testing of areas
cleared by contractors; contractor's safety violations; corrective actions; personnel and
equipment utilization; quantities of areas cleared; weather conditions; etc.

Inspects contractor's proposed working schedules to determine the efficient and
consistent use of manpower and equipment.

Work involves walking through heavy brush areas in hilly terrain, and probable exposure
to unexploded ordnance. This requires the use of numerous special safety precautions
such as hard hats, steel toed boots, eye and/or ear protection. Depending on the region,
other environmental irritants could involve exposure to poison oak, and encounters with
various insects, rodents and poisonous snakes. Major duties require work in the exterior elements with adverse weather conditions and/or heat or cold. TDY will be approx. %50 of the duty time. Possess drivers license and ability to obtain a SECRET security clearance.

Applicants need to provide a resume and a DD214 with a VA disability statement.  Resumes can be submitted to Terry Gleason along with their DD 214 and VA statement. Relocation would be @ the expensive of the applicant. No PCS authorized. Contact information provided below.

Terry D. Gleason
Ordnance and Explosive Safety Specialist
1325 J Street CESPK-SO
Sacramento CA, 95814
BB 916-541-7944

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