2015 Scholarship Committee

Scholarship Committee Form

Want to volunteer for the EOD Warrior Foundation and make a tremendous impact from the comfort of your own home?

The selection process for the 2015 Scholarship Committee is underway (5 to 7 committee members will be selected). Anyone interested in participating on this committee can fill out the form above and email to scholarship@eodwarriorfoundation.org with a brief description on why you are interested in serving on the Scholarship Committee.

-To be considered for selection you should have a direct connection to the EOD community and cannot be related to anyone who is applying for a scholarship in the current year.

-All selected committee members remain confidential through the entire scholarship review process.

-The Selection Committee will be responsible for reviewing all applications and will be given a brief training on the criteria we are selecting upon.
-All applications are online so we are looking for individuals who have accesses to the internet.
Scholarship Committee Form

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